Welcoming Juraj Slafkovsky

Welcoming Mark Messier

Welcoming Steven Dubois

Welcoming Luke Prokop

Welcoming Jade Iginla

MLB All-Star Game MVP

Congratulations CHARLES HAMELIN


Congratulations NATALIE SPOONER

Congratulations MARK McMORRIS

Milan Cortina 2026 — BROOKE D'HONDT

Milan Cortina 2026 — REECE HOWDEN

Mitch Marner

Hayley Wickenheiser

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Welcoming Luke Prokop


We believe sport is a powerful tool to create social change, to generate legacy benefits for communities, and to positively influence consumers.

When you believe something this passionately, you call it a manifesto.

Our focus is on Olympic, action sports and pro athlete management; brand consulting and content production; and major event bid strategy and sport tourism fund development.